Rules and Regulations

BASIC INFO: Each team is responsible for showing up and being in uniform at the game's tip-off time.

FORFEITING: In this event, the forfeiting team must pay a $50 forfeit fee within 48 hours of the forfeited game. If not paid, additional forfeits may be incurred, resulting in additional fees and/or expulsion from the league.

GAME TIME: A Regulation game consists of two (4), 10-minute running quarters. Half-time is 5 minutes. The clock stops for all timeouts and during the last two minutes of the 2nd half, on every whistle.


TIMEOUTS: Teams are allowed three (3) timeouts per game; a maximum of two (2) timeouts per half. Each team is given one (1) additional timeout for the first overtime period. A maximum of one (1) regular period timeout may be carried over into the first overtime period. No timeouts in sudden death period.

OVERTIME: The first & Second overtime is a two (2) minute stop-time period. The third overtime is "sudden death", with the first team to score one or more points declared the winner without any time-clock running, and without any timeouts.