All Star Friday Night

Halfway through the season, we will be hosting our All-Star Friday night. Our All-Star Saturday night will consist of a three-point contest, a skills challenge, and an all-star game to cap off the night. Contestants for each competition will be determined by league officials based on the statistical achievements that they accomplish during the regular season.


For the All-Star game, there will be two team captains representing their conference. These captains will be selected by the players themselves. The player with the most votes from his conference will be rewarded as team captain for the all-star game. These two players will then draft who they want on their team, the team captain whose team has the better record will have the first pick. If both captains have the same record, the 1st pick will be determined via coin toss. The draft will be live one week before All-Star Saturday night on Ballaxy TV. Each All-Star team will consist of 10 players.


Entrance to All-Star Friday Night will be absolutely free and we will be giving away tons of prizes for the whole family.